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Top 5 Best EHR / EMR Software For Independent Practices 2023

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There are many reasons to invest in EHR / EMR software. These systems help you manage patients’ health records and process paper documents securely. In addition, they allow you to securely upload patient photos. These systems also make attestation easy. They are able to anticipate changes in the industry and automatically choose the best measures for you to attest to. Many EHR/EMR systems are also cloud-based, which makes them easy to use on mobile devices. They also organize patient visits and keep track of their medical history.

Here I mentation Top Emr/EHR Software

Chartlogic EHR

ChartLogic is a complete EHR system that integrates clinical notes, patient portals, prescriptions, billing templates, messaging systems, and practice software. Its user-friendly interface allows clinicians to keep track of patients’ information in one place. It also offers comprehensive training and meaningful use consultations.

ChartLogic has been around since 1994 when it was still called Task Technologies. Its founder Brad Melis and his team set out to build a patient chart that would make life easier for physicians. After studying a pediatric practice, they developed an EMR that didn’t require doctors to make changes to the way they practice. Using ChartLogic EMR also allowed physicians to increase office efficiency.

Another benefit of ChartLogic is that it allows medical providers and practice managers to have more control over patient engagement. This feature lets practice managers and providers create and manage custom templates, dictate notes, and insert sub-templates. The software also allows practices to use patient portals and automates billing and claims scrubbing.

ChartLogic’s cloud-based EMR features voice technology to capture patient encounters. Its PrecisionVoice software recognizes the medics’ speech and allows for fluent navigation through the chart. It also includes a library of specialty-specific vocabulary and customizable templates. As a result, doctors can create patient records in 90 seconds or less.


AthenaOne is a cloud-based EHR / EMR software that helps you manage your practice. It includes tools for practice management, financial reporting, and medical coding. It is certified to meet meaningful use requirements and is HIPAA-compliant. It also offers full support for ICD-10 and ICD-9 coding.

This EHR / EMR software has an excellent reporting capability that is valued by its users. The software generates reports for financials, scheduling, patient demographics, and more. Users can also get reports for billing operations and front office operations. All these capabilities enable robust data insights and on-demand reporting.

Besides being easy to use, Athenaone’s cloud-based solution eliminates the risk of losing vital patient records. Moreover, it provides easy access to health records on mobile devices. With this, providers can better coordinate care and collaborate with patients. Moreover, lab results can be automatically uploaded to patient charts. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for doctors and other healthcare providers to share information with each other. Moreover, Athenaone is constantly monitoring the healthcare environment and adapting its software to meet current trends and requirements.

In addition to providing comprehensive and user-friendly EHR / EMR software, Athenaone is also capable of integrating with other software. With a streamlined workflow and integrated patient management, athenaOne can help your medical practice reduce costs and improve efficiency. It also helps you keep abreast of reimbursement issues and reduces human error.

Amazing Charts

Here are Amazing Charts EHR reviews, it has been around since 2001 and has become one of the leading EHR/EMR software products for independent practices. Its low price and free three-month trial offer make it a convenient option for physicians. It also offers advanced features for improving patient satisfaction and streamlining the practice workflow. Moreover, Amazing Charts is certified for Meaningful Use, meaning that it meets modern compliance standards. The software also includes support for e-prescribing and is powered by Dragon’s Naturally Speaking and NewCrop software.

The ease of use of an EHR has a major impact on the physician’s experience. According to Medscape’s EHR 2014 Report, physicians rate EHRs on three factors: ease of use, satisfaction with vendor support, and overall satisfaction with the software. Amazing Charts scored the highest in ease of use among all five vendors, followed by VA-CPRS, Practice Fusion, and e-MDs.

Another key feature of Amazing Charts is its support staff features. The software is supported by a backup utility that allows the user to back up data or add another computer to their network. It also offers remote access through a shared folder. Lastly, Amazing Charts offers a tutorial that shows users how to set up the software to share data over a network.

In addition to its extensive features, Amazing Charts also offers a long-term technology support package. This includes webinars and live events to help physicians take full advantage of their EHR investment.


CureMD EHR Software is a powerful solution for medical professionals looking to manage their workflows, organize patient appointments, and provide real-time communication. It includes features such as patient portals, automatic eligibility verification, and family/group scheduling. It can also handle billing, and transfer patient information to labs and other sources.

CureMD is a cloud-based EHR and practice management solution. It combines EHR and practice management with patient portal capabilities and revenue cycle management and helps practices meet Meaningful Use and maximize profits. It is the ideal choice for small and midsize practices. CureMD EMR also features an electronic prescribing feature, connecting physicians with thousands of pharmacies. Additionally, it has advanced lab interfacing technology, a KPI dashboard, workflow automation, and iPad apps.

CureMD is an award-winning modern-day health information systems provider that aims to improve the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare practices. Its cloud-based platform allows multiple users to securely access patient information. Its mobile EHR software helps increase productivity and improve patient care. Its intuitive design for iPhone and iPad makes it easy to access patient information and perform specific activities.

CureMD’s web-based Practice Management System and EHR work hand-in-hand, ensuring maximum efficiency. CureMD EHR software also helps streamline administrative tasks and reduce errors. It also offers Medical Billing services that help healthcare providers maximize profits and minimize errors while reducing costs and improving workflow.

DrChrono EHR

The DrChrono EHR / EMR software is designed for independent medical practices. The software integrates with third-party labs and is customizable to fit any type of health organization. It is HIPAA-certified and meets meaningful use standards. It also offers integrated communication with patients through its online patient portal, OnPatient.

DrChrono EMR All-in-One integrated EHR / EMR software is designed to improve patient care and optimize practice efficiency. It supports 16 specialties and is EPCS compliant. It also has integrated medical billing software and allows for lab orders to be submitted to more than 40k labs. It’s also mobile-compatible, which allows for easy access and use.

DrChrono software’s tiers include customizable templates and macros. You can create custom forms for your patients’ documentation. The software also allows you to create appointment profiles for patients, which can be tailored to specific medical needs. The scheduling tool can also help you set realistic time blocks.

DrChrono’s cloud-based EHR/EMR software allows for convenient access and storage of patient data anywhere, anytime. The software also allows you to share information with your colleagues in the form of secure messages. This helps ensure that your records are accurate. Lastly, DrChrono offers extensive customer support, so that your patients can ask questions or receive assistance.

DrChrono EHR/EMR software offers many features, including medical billing and revenue cycle management. The software also lets you view labs and prescriptions. Its online training sessions and step-by-step guides help you get up and running with the software. Additionally, it has a dedicated account manager to assist you with any problems that might arise.

Final Words

When shopping for EHR / EMR software, it is essential to consider the needs of your practice. Some EHR/EMR systems are geared toward large healthcare organizations, while others are designed for smaller independent practices. Knowing the needs of your practice will help you decide which features you need and which features you can live without. For example, you might want an integrated drug database to ensure that you prescribe the right drugs to the right patients. Another feature you might be interested in is a symptom check feature that helps physicians determine the best dosages for patients.

Another important consideration is how easy the EHR/EMR software is to use. If you are unfamiliar with the system, it may be difficult to find the best solution for your practice. Some EHR vendors offer free trials or will offer to train you for a nominal fee. Whether you choose a free trial or pay a subscription fee, you should carefully evaluate each vendor’s support and training plans.

EHR / EMR software should be customizable and meet your practice’s documentation requirements and style. For example, pain management software should include the ability to store before and after photos and allow clinicians to annotate and add notes on images. EHR/EMR software should also allow for practice growth. Most EMR/EMR packages include the ability to add as many clinicians and clients as needed.

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