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Why You Should Choose to Study in Germany

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Why consider Germany for higher education when you have options like the USA, UK, and France? Sure, Germany does not offer such institutes like Ivy League or a supreme lifestyle as UK and Australia. However, there are institutes in Germany that are highly prestigious. There are several German universities that rank amongst the top universities in the world. Plus, the cost of education is relatively low in Germany. In addition, living expenses are less than half in Germany compared to other educational countries.

Germany offers cutting-edge education in terms of industrial experience. German universities provide exceptional academic programs. So, if you are interested in master’s programs, then MS in Germany, then the can be a quality pick. Countries like the USA and UK offer overall growth, and France offers intense industrial involvement in the programs; Germany is best to pursue a specific aspect of education.

Why Consider Germany?

Cities like Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt are exceptionally able to provide a quality educational and living experience for international students. Germany is home to several renowned universities like Frankfurt University, Berlin Institute of Technology, Technische Universität München, and LMU Munich. There are several factors one can state in favor of studying in Germany. The only primary reason to choose some other countries over Germany for higher education is network and exposure.

However, German universities can develop your education as much as the USA or UK. All doing so with saving a fortune on your education. Germany is the home to the automotive industry. Thus, making Germany the very best destination for students seeking a career in the automotive industry. In addition, Germany has a wide range of facilities and support to offer. 

Furthermore, if you would like to study in a different institute while pursuing your studies in Germany, you can always opt for semester exchange programs. Semester exchange programs in Germany offer a vast number of affiliated universities in significant countries.


Factors To Consider For Choosing Germany

As mentioned before, there can be some important factors to choose Germany for higher education. Here are some specific reasons why Germany can be an ideal choice for your further studies.

1. Lower or No tuition fee

From October 2014, all international students attending public universities in Germany are not to pay any tuition fee. This means if you choose a public university in Germany, your education will be free of cost. Now we know public universities do not offer as much as prestigious private universities. But Germany is globally known for its public universities. You will be surprised to know that public universities in Germany are ranked higher than private universities.

Germany is home to over 3,75,000 international students. Due to affordability in terms of education as well as for living expenses. International students are only bound to pay administrative costs like student contribution, student union fees, public transport tickets, etc. All of the required expenses cost around €250, equivalent to around INR 21,000 per semester. Among students, Germany is a favorite pick for studying abroad. And, only a small percentage of international students are enrolled in private institutes in Germany.

2. Collaboration With Companies

Germany is home to the automotive industry. All major car manufacturers are Germany-based. Apart from that, Germany is also rich in technology. The case of study in German universities is unique and extra diverse. Collaboration with major companies provides extra vision and on-field experience to students. The universities are highly connected with firms and companies to involve as many features as possible in their programs.

The most imminent skill you can develop while pursuing your higher education in Germany is understanding and dealing with competition. Germany is a rich country in terms of development and competition. Your courses are also affiliated with real case scenarios. You learn to overcome particular challenges and issues. While the industry provides services, you get to know how the industry operates.

3. Exceptional Study Approach

Programs at German universities are globally recognized. Because of their exceptional approach towards the learning process, students tend to learn unique qualities. German universities significantly apply theory and practice to produce excellent results. And due to having a broad, diverse industrial component, the theories are likely to be a natural subject. Programs at German universities are different; they can be taken as a good factor or non-preferred. As mentioned earlier, Germany is best to follow a specific aspect of the study.

In Germany, you will likely observe practice-oriented option involvement in the programs. Practice-oriented options or research involves a deep inquiry into the system, methods, program, and professional practice policies. You will learn the depths of professional practice and how to handle them. Many unique and different aspects of the study are constantly applied to German universities programs.

4. Staying in Germany After Your Education

One of the most unconsidered aspects of higher education is; what after the competition? You may get a job immediately, or you may want to test yourself to find your perfect fit. But after your graduation, your visa does not hold you up for longer. And, a large number of students prefer to stay and work in the current country they have done their program in. After your graduation, your student visa or work permit is not bound to allow you to live abroad.

However, Germany is incredibly generous to international students. After completing your graduation in Germany, you are allowed to stay for an additional 18 months. After that, you may need to seek employment as per your need. Or maybe you want to explore the country for future options or just for fun. Not just that, if you want to end up staying even longer, it is possible under some circumstances, so no need to worry about your stay to fulfill some vital requirements.


The free education in public universities of Germany is so widely popular that people do not understand the depth of German universities. They are not just to provide a cheaper education and living expense. The study methods and approaches in German universities are exceptional. Multiple German universities rank among the top universities globally. Therefore, do not consider Germany just because of your expenses.

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