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Top 10 Best Pc Games in 2021

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You know about witcher3, you love red dead, you’ve played GTA 5, pretty much every day since it launched but now you’re looking for a new open-world adventure to Get stuck right into something released in the last year that you have not been told to engage in with a million times already

well luckily we love nothing more than exploring for hours on end settled comfortably in our Hermann miller embody gaming chair so we’ve got quite the selection to offer from Viking survival to greek adventures and some classic medieval style journeys too

Top 10 best choices 

1. Valheim

Now you’ve probably played value but if you’re one of the few stragglers yet to reach purgatory then let this be one more reminder to go in this Viking survival game you’re thrown into the weird procedurally generated nordic world and must work your way to freedom 

but once you step into the woods that’ll be the last thing on your mind it’s vast to explore from collecting resources to building a vase to battling mythic beasts throughout the countryside

so soon you’ll want to enjoy just wandering around plus this is an open world you can enjoy with friends so that means teaming up in fights and foraging turn surviving into a thriving and ignore the main goal as you have tons of fun just getting to know everything valheim has to offer including surprisingly beautiful sunsets for an early access game.

2. Outriders

fighting across alien worlds can get a little lonely luckily newly released outriders is not only a thrilling single-player experience but also playable in three-player co-op it’s an rpg tutor that’s taken everything it loves from across genres and fuses them together into a new hybrid ton of guns and armor elemental powers to 

master from each of the four classes and the reason it’s on this list are once beautiful planets to explore pick up side quests discover secrets and generally have fun shooting all sorts of corrupted monsters and people 

outriders is a little more linear level-wise than the other games on this list but you’re still exploring and therefore still looting and that’s sometimes what we love most a detailed world that lets us rush through it to find valuables and give us the shiny things.

3. Genshin Impact

Gentian impact is a breath of the wild style open world but on pc and every other platform there are seven whole nations to explore including stretches a beautiful wilderness To battle through towns to question and secrets to find upon the map

it’s one of those words you’re desperate to step into as soon as you start the tutorial seeing hills stretch away glimpses of magic in the forests and buildings rising up on the horizon all asking to be discovered it’s not just a pretty world though there’s 

even a pokemon style matching of elements for battles and puzzles so you can manipulate the environment around you oh and we must have mentioned that it’s totally free right somehow the importance of sports and  game is so good that wasn’t even what we led with 

4. Everspace 2 

This is an open world for everyone who’s dreamt of space travel and let’s be real that’s all of us getting to explore the final frontier is magical especially when it’s through the twinkling stars with fast-paced combat at every turn of the wing you balance your time between jetting off in search of new places frantic dogfights crafting mining and even some puzzles to keep you curious

so yeah it’s vast just like space if you’re looking for a new intergalactic shooter to get lost in then ever space 2 is not only a great place to fly to next but something different enough to make it worth this day 

5. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It’s time for another Viking trip Valhalla is full of all the things we love sneaky kills varied enemies and even more sneaky kills but like an odyssey, before it’s the open world that won us over a lush look at British countryside and Norwegian shores plus all the legends and history that come with them

pull Excalibur from the stone build a settlement to drink need and play games in or have your sound of music moment in the rolling fields open worlds mean open options and in Valhalla, you can really get up to what you want as long as that’s Viking based shenanigans but that’s all the best stuff anyway

like petting fluffy cats amazing so if you’re looking for a world to replace real-life for hundreds of hours then grab your ax and shield and when we say axon shield we mean mouse and keyboard and head to Valhalla.

6. Watch Dogs: Legion

Not all open-world games have to involve muddy boots and fantasy taverns watch dogs legion is a prime example of how the real world can still be really exciting the futuristic London is just close enough in time to make it recognizable and keep it grounded they’re far enough in the future to feel like actual time travel something we all obviously want hack stealth and fight your way around solving missions and generally having a blast as a techie mastermind 

plus there’s the opportunity to recruit new characters so you can enjoy the action as everyone from leather jacket clown badasses to our favorites and British nan or grandma as the rest of the English-speaking world calls them it’s a great break from the usual fantasy adventure if you’re starting to wish Geralt had a motorbike 

7. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Not that there’s anything wrong with horses and swords it’s good to stick to what you know especially if that’s previous mountain blades titles as banner lord delivers everything people loved and more

it’s a strategy game where you build up your army completing quests and starting battles as you go unlike most strategy games though you’re getting down in the blood and dirt with the rest of them battling it out in the third person before you switch back to map view to better plan your conquests 

so no it’s not quite an open world in the tradition of running around collecting mushrooms but it is yours to explore and fight through as you please when you do finally get your digital feet on the ground through each place is detailed and alive meaning you can still enjoy a ye oldie village for all that’s lovely beige.

8. Cloudpunk

Let’s switch things up a bit with the dazzling neons of cloud punk it’s something a little different and that you’re usually on a mission rather than free to roam but the rain-soaked city is still just as alluring even if it’s like futuristic Minecraft it’s still beautiful and incredibly atmospheric 

you’re a delivery person who is tasked to pick things up drop them off and not ask too many questions so a thankless job but that’s the dystopia we all know and love grinding away with your talkative dog for comfort and a ticking package 

you’d rather not think about clown punk isn’t vast and complex with hundreds of hours to lose but if you want an indie with real character then it could very well be your next destination, yes the job has a high mortality rate but you’re probably one of the lucky ones.

9. Immortals Fenyx Rising

Originally the hyped gods and monsters the mortal’s phoenix rising finally arrived last year and was everything we hoped like if Zelda went to ancient Greece it’s an action-adventure full of puzzles battles and a vast open-world to explore 

each region is inspired by different gods so if hades have zucchini for more deities and the powers they bring you can greet everyone you know and love all over again 

you’ll even meet various other stars such as minotaurs and cyclops as you explore under the sun if that means nothing to you though you don’t actually have to know anything about mythology to enjoy immortals 

As Zeus is there to guide you through, the world is bright, lush, and full of life that grass looks good enough to eat and you can’t even eat grass. It’s like taking a holiday to an actual greek isle but with a few more words you’ll never want to leave.

10. Season

It’s an adventure based around a bicycle road trip exploring the world before everything is washed away by a mysterious cataclysm your goal is to take in the surroundings recording what you find in drawings recordings or photographs

it’s all set in a fantasy 20th century where things will feel familiar and strange all at the same time season looks like the game equivalent of taking a deep breath and lying in the grass on a summer’s day so if you’ve always meant to meditate but get bored easily then the season could whisk you away to some sort of sun-dappled peace 

So those are some of the best open-world games you can play in 2021 let us know where you’re heading next.

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