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Office Ally Practice Mate Vs. Cerner EMR: A Comprehensive Review

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Healthcare software is used to deliver EMR solutions that may have a range of features. This EMR software serves as a great tool to enhance efficiency and streamline the daily processes of your medical practice. Here we have discussed the most frequent EHR systems Office Ally Practice Mate vs. Cerner EMR.

Office Ally Practice Mate

Office Ally Practice Mate is a cloud-based medical practice management system. It is designed for small to medium-sized healthcare companies. It may be tailored to meet the demands of various specializations. It can also assist users in digitizing the activities required to run a practice.

Office Ally provides a suite of medical software tools utilized by over 330,000 medical professionals. Though Office Ally is best known for its clearinghouse, the company also provides additional products. That includes a complete low-cost EHR, a free practice management system, and a free patient portal). All these features can be utilized to manage your medical practice from start to finish.

Office Ally Practice Mate Features

Patient Portal 

Patients can use the patient site to request appointments, access test results, and pay bills online. The gateway is HIPAA-compliant and secure. Patients can also contact their clinicians via encrypted texting. Users may manage their practice’s communication in this manner.   


Practice Mate works with a variety of medical equipment and applications. Users can easily exchange data between systems this way. It also has an HL-seven interface for test results and other medical data.


Users may use this service to make appointments, monitor provider schedules, and create reminders. This allows suppliers to remain structured and efficient. The patient portal is also linked to the scheduling module.


The e-prescribing capability allows clinicians to deliver prescriptions to pharmacies electronically. Users can save time and decrease the chance of mistakes this way. E-prescribing follows HIPAA guidelines. 

Medical Billing 

Practice Mate has a medical billing tool that streamlines the billing procedure. This saves time and eliminates mistakes. It also enables users to track payments and provide patient statements.

Office Ally Practice Mate Pricing

Office Ally Practice Mate pricing is pretty affordable. The software’s EHR 24/7 charges $29.99 per month per user. The software also provides a free ‘Clearinghouse’ tool and a patient portal.

PM Office Ally offers you a free trial of the application and its features in a real-world healthcare setting. Office Ally Practice Mate demo is helpful since it helps you decide whether the EHR software matches the demands of your practice.

Office Ally Practice Mate Reviews

Office Ally Practice Mate Office Ally Practice Mate has a 4/a 5-star rating from major review sites. The software has received mostly good customer feedback. Users like the simplicity, price, and features. Yet, some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service and technological concerns. Practice Mate is a fantastic option for small offices searching for a low-cost, user-friendly EHR solution. Some users have also stated that it is an excellent solution for more extensive medical facilities.

Cerner EMR 

Cerner is a cloud-based EMR software for health organizations of all sizes and specializations. It helps them improve their operations and offer better treatment. Charting, recordkeeping, revenue management, and health analytics are all available. These capabilities enable precise diagnosis and treatment as well as up-to-date patient information. 

The appointment scheduling module allows users to;

  • maintain calendars,
  • set appointments, and
  • color-code time slots.

Patients can also request appointments through Patient Ally, Office Ally’s patient portal. Healthcare providers can log in to approve or decline appointment requests. They can also examine paperwork completed by patients before their booked visit.

Cerner EMR Features

Patient Portal

Patients may exchange messages, obtain refills, and examine clinical information. They can access evidence-based material on over 3,000 topics to deepen their knowledge.

Health Analytics

The software provides insights to assist improve clinical, financial, and population health plans. It also offers you chances for long-term and daily operational improvement.

Clinical Documentation

You can use narrative, auto-text, voice recognition, and speech-to-text assistance. It helps simplify and expedites charting and documenting. Any pertinent patient information, such as prescriptions or diagnoses, is automatically added. 

Built-In Templates

A range of built-in templates helps reduce the amount of time physicians must spend on paperwork.   

Mobile Apps

Providers may use their mobile devices to review patient data and seek prescriptions and refills. Along with evaluating diagnostics and verifying clinical outcomes. Voice dictation facilitates physician documentation. 

Cerner EMR Pricing

Cerner EMR pricing information is not available on their website. The sales staff may provide you with a customized Cerner EMR pricing plan.

A Cerner EMR demo will assist you in determining its compatibility with your healthcare practice. You can watch the software in action by scheduling it to demo using its website.

Cerner EMR Reviews

Cerner Emr has a 3.9 / 5-star rating on major review sites. The reviews are mostly positive. According to the reviewers, the software is an industry leader and is supported by several notable clients. It also provides users with cloud-based and on-premises servers. Furthermore, it is simple to set up, and you can get to be trained on how to expand it effectively.

Office Ally Practice Mate Vs. Cerner EMR — Concluding Thoughts

Office Ally Practice Mate is an effective practice management system. It has the greatest electronic health records to keep your healthcare practice on track for success. It enables you to achieve this while reducing your daily workload. Additionally, Practice Mate handles scheduling and payment. It allows you to concentrate solely on your patients. 

Cerner supplies practitioners and physicians with the data they need to run their clinics better. And, it provides the appropriate therapy following current standards. Furthermore, the platform provides access to developing information. It helps to improve patient experiences across several disciplines. 

Ultimately, it is your decision to determine which software is most beneficial to your practice management. If you want to understand more about their capabilities, you may use the demonstrations and customer reviews.

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