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Phulara Ridge Trek – Complete Detail

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Phulara ridge trek is among the best ridge trek in the country. Ridges are extremely uncommon in India, and there are hardly a handful of ridges available. Ridge is a place where two sides of a mountain meet. Walking on a ridge is almost like walking on a knife edge. There are a few small ridge sections on a few Himalayan treks.

After climbing the mountains, you can stand on the summit for about 20 to 30 minutes. You will be able to get spectacular views of the beautiful snow-clad mountains surrounding the peak. Phsulara ridge Trek is a 1-day trekking journey with an altitude of 12,000 ft and it takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete the trek.

The Phulara Trek offers 250-degree panoramic views of snow-clad mountains all along the journey. You will feel as if those huge majestic snow-clad mountains are trekking along with you as you travel along the ridge. The land below the ridge gets swept into two, one goes into a meadow and the other into a valley. This beautiful divergence makes the Phulara ridge trekking a beautiful and unique experience.

Best time to visit Phulara ridge Trek.

Phulara ridge Trek is a unique and beautiful moderate-level Trek in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. This is the perfect trekking journey for those who love mountaineering and it has a special purpose in their life. You will be able to see more than one mountain range all along your trip.

The best time to plan for the Phulara trek is in May, June, July, September, October, and November. During the summer treks, you will be able to witness the greenery of the snow glacier. The monsoon season brings hundreds of flowers and greenery making the surrounding and the trekking experience a memorable one.

Phulara trek starts from Dehradun or Sankri village in Uttarakhand and is located in the Garhwal Himalayan mountain ranges in the district of Uttarkashi. The temperature varies from 8 to 15 degrees Celsius during the day while it falls to 5 to 8 degrees at night.

About the Itinerary of Phulara Ridge Trek

Your trekking journey will last for about 6 days to and fro. You will reach Kotgaon from Dehradun and initiate your trekking journey. So, let’s have a look at the 6-day itinerary of the trekking journey.

Day 1: Arrival in Kotgaon
Day 2: Trek from Kotgaon to Sikolta
Day 3: An exciting trekking journey to Bhoj Gadi
Day 4: Trek to Pushtara via Phaulara ridge.
Day 5: Trek Taluka and back to Kotgaon.
Day 6: Get back to Dehradun from Kotgaon

Day 1: Arrival in Kotgaon

Your trekking journey trip will begin from your arrival in Kotgaon. Once you arrive there check in at your hotel and take a rest.

Day 2: Trek from Kotgaon to Sikolta

Get up early in the morning and get ready for your trekking journey to Sikolta. The altitude of this trekking journey varies from 6,520 ft to 8,925 ft. The trekking journey takes about four to five hours to traverse the distance of 4.85 km. the trekking trail is covered by beautiful pine forests. The sunlight peeking from the leaves and the chirping of the birds make the atmosphere pleasant and musical.

Day 3: An exciting trekking journey to Bhoj Gadi

On your third day of the trekking journey, you will be heading towards Bhoj Gadi from Sikolta. The trekking distance is 4.45km which takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach the final destination. The altitude of the trekking region varies from 8,925ft to 11,170ft. You will be traversing through the treeline of pine, Deodhar, and dwarf rhododendrons and then enter the vast meadows of Bhoj Gadi. The sunset is a treat for one’s eyes. You will witness the alpenglow of the majestic mountain ranges during the sunset.

Day 4: Trek to Pushtara via Phaulara ridge.

On this day you will be trekking on the Phulara ridge. The trekking distance is 8.4km which takes about 6 to 7 hours to reach the destination and the altitude varies from 11,170ft to 9,608ft via 12,345ft. You will trek through the Phaulara ridge for about 2 to 3 hours and this will be the most exciting part of your entire trekking journey. While walking on the ridge you will sense the majestic Himalayan mountains with 250 degrees and it seems as if those mountains are trekking along with you. From the Phulara ridge, you then descend to the meadows of Pushtara.

Day 5: Trek from Pushtara to Taluka and then back to Kotgaon.

On this day you will be trekking for a distance of 8.1 km for 6 to 7 hours with an altitude variation of 9,860ft to 6,520 ft. You will be traversing through a more dense forest as compared to the forest you traversed on the first day of your trekking journey. The trekking trail is much more secluded and can get a bit tricky in places. You must watch out for your safety while trekking on this day. Make sure that you follow your guide and fellow mates and don’t get lost in your way.

Day 6: Get back to Dehradun from Kotgaon

After enjoying a wonderful trek you will descend back to Dehradun from Kotgaon on this day. Dehradun is about 190 km away from Kotgaon and it takes 9 to 10 hours to reach Dehradun. Your trekking agency will be responsible for paying your travel charges. After reaching Dehradun, check in at your hotel and take a good rest.

On the next day, you are free to go back to your hometown with plenty of exciting and thrilling memories.

More about the Phulara Ridge trek

Phulara ridge lies in the Govind Wildlife sanctuary in the Uttarkashi district. This trekking region has not seen many footsteps which makes this trekking journey unique. The name Phulara Ridge means the ridge of beautiful flowers. This unique and beautiful ridge has an altitude of 12,127ft.

Phulara Ridge is covered with large spread forest and hence has greenery and evergreen valleys all around the year. This region is home to the beautiful flowers of Brahma Kamal, Fankamal, and many other species of flowers.

The high mountain ranges and the evergreen valleys have led to the beautiful vegetation in this high-altitude region.

During winters Phulara Ridge is covered with snow and fog. This beautiful foggy atmosphere brings delight to the visitor’s eyes. With the beauty of nature and the white blanket of snow, the winter trekking journey becomes more interesting at every step.

The unique and beautiful Phulara Ridge changes its charms in every season. The flowers of the ridge are in full bloom during the summers. The wildflowers, shining sun, deep blue sky, and green foliage make the surroundings picture-perfect. In winter, the snow covers the landscapes into a white blankest and the Ridge gets a white beauty charm. All this makes Phulara Ridge trek accessible throughout the year.


Phulara Ridge trek is a unique, exciting, and thrilling experience. It is the experience of a lifetime. The majestic snow-clad Himalayan mountains, the dense forests, and the green valleys filled with beautiful wildflowers make the trekking journey worthwhile. You will surely enjoy this trekking trip and take back lots of memories with you.

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