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Amazing Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek Trip

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The Dudhsagar waterfall trek is situated on the South-Eastern coast of India in the state of Goa. It was one of my favorite hiking spots when I used to visit Goa as a kid and it was almost 20 years later that I actually got to visit this place. Here are some of my thoughts on this trip and how you can plan your own if you’re keen on hiking and getting close to nature. Banbanjara is one of the best tour operators for booking Dudhsagar.

One of the most well-known tourist spots in Goa, the Dudhsagar Waterfall trek is also one of the toughest treks to complete as it requires you to climb down from an altitude of 5,000 feet down to an altitude of 1,500 feet and walk back up again. While this may seem daunting at first, once you start walking down the waterfall trail, you’ll soon realize that you can make it! Don’t worry if you find yourself unable to complete the trek at first because most people take two days to get there and two days to get back up again.

Why trek to Dudhsagar Waterfall?

What better way to see Goa’s idyllic Western Ghats than by trekking to a thousand-foot-tall waterfall? The best part is that it’s not just a sightseeing opportunity, but an easy and well-maintained trek. At a modest 100 km from Panaji, accessible even for those without much adventure experience, it’s a great outdoor weekend getaway. Don’t miss it!

How To Reach Dudhsagar Waterfall?

If you take an auto-rickshaw, be prepared to bargain hard as they will surely quote ridiculous prices since not many people head out to these falls. It is only after reaching it that you realize that it was worth all your efforts for sure. The best time to visit Dudhsagar is during monsoon season as there are immense rains and thunderstorms and even a chance of cloudburst so make sure you don’t go during monsoon season.

Trek Details

The journey to reach Dudhsagar Falls, which also serves as a base camp for trekking to Tungnath and Chandrashila peaks. This trek usually begins from Bicholim village near Kulem in Goa, about 75 km away from Panaji. The walk takes you through dense forest cover interspersed with tribal hamlets along muddy forest tracks. But once you reach your destination and experience nature at its best, it’s all worth it! In fact, many enthusiasts say that when it comes to natural beauty, there are few things like a trek along Goa’s lush green Western Ghats. It’s no wonder why so many people consider a trip to Dudhsagar Falls as one of the most prized travel experiences of their lives!

What’s there around Dudhsagar Waterfall?

The Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa, located in the Bicholim taluka of Goa, is a major tourist attraction. Situated in the Western Ghats, it is one of India’s most spectacular waterfalls with a height of 676 feet (206 meters). The area surrounding it serves as a habitat for many rare species of birds and insects. To reach there you need to trek 14 kilometers from Kushalnagar village. One can avail of buses or taxis at Panaji or Mapusa which will take you to Benaulim or Vasco respectively. You can then make arrangements to hire jeeps that can take you to Kushalnagar village.

What to do after you complete the trek?

After you complete your trek to Dudhsagar Waterfall, Goa, and reach back home, what are some activities that you can do? Answer it in your own words. Describe how to spend a few days after trekking or activity. Make sure that you include a list of things to do after completing a trek so people will know what to do next after coming back from such an experience.

Best time to visit Dudhsagar Waterfall?

The best time to visit Dudhsagar Waterfall is between November to May. The summer months are unbearably hot and very humid, making it a bit difficult to trek. In monsoons, many areas of Goa are flooded, making trails dangerous and impassable. Additionally, heavy rains also make it risky to attempt waterfalls and rivers. Make sure you check out hiking opportunities in Goa just by searching on Google!


Some of India’s most beautiful hill stations are located in Goa. But what makes them even more fascinating is their waterfalls which simply take one’s breath away. If you’re visiting Goa, don’t forget to experience these gorgeous waterfalls on your trip. A 3-4 day long walk takes you right up close to the ‘dramatic'(Dudhsagar) waterfall that gives complete satisfaction to those who want a bit of adventure in their lives while enjoying nature. The trail winds through dense forests, with chirping birds and blooming flowers in season.

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