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Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

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The year 2020 has been a tough time for almost everyone around the world. Many people had to give up on their jobs because of various boundaries and limitations. But looking forward to 2021 everyone can concentrate on their future by starting off with something more useful. Hence many of us would be looking up to doing some innovative small business ideas. 

Now since the competition is very high, it is a really good job to find out what kind of businesses could be done and what can not. Keeping in mind the current situation and the current demand, it is not always very easy to exactly find out which small business ideas would be actually very effective. 

Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Well, it would be rather very easy to find out the best of the small business ideas, but it is very important that you know which of the small business ideas can be executed with the least amount of investment. After the COVID-19 period if you are looking to start a small business then you must keep in your mind that you will have to start with low investment business.

You might have plans in your head that you want to start a business but you might also be confused about what kind of business would be possible with the least amount of investment. Here we will suggest some of the best small business ideas that will help you get high profits from the business.

Candle Made at Home

Candle Made at Home

Candles have various prospects and on almost every occasion candles are used. Hence the demand for candles is almost high all throughout the year.  Hence it is very important that you know the occasions when candles are used and accordingly you can make candles for various occasions. Only then you will know how to sell off your candles and when is the requirement of the candle highest. Candle making does not require too much of the laborers hence you can simply take up a hand full of workers who are going to help you with the labor part. Other planning and selling-related problems and queries can be solved by you so you do not have to take very skilled labor for this business. 



Pickles are traditions, although pickles are also made commercially I would suggest that hand-made pickles are anytime better and more sold than commercial branded pickles. Pickles do not require very much regular effort, you need to accumulate and cook all of them in a day and then you can keep it under the sunlight for some weeks and let it prepare naturally. Again making pickles would or might need some more ingredients but it does not take too much labor or workforce hence 1-2 people can start with this small business. 

Let me tell you that pickle making is not very difficult, you just need to know how to make it and then you can mix all the ingredients and make it. If you are looking forward to starting a small business then you must choose pickle making as one of the best options to start a small business with. It is one of the easiest and safest options to start with pickles. 

Incense stick

Incense stick

Agarbatti or the Incense stick is very famous all over the world and it is something which requires no investment at all. You can start this business with the least amount of investment and in the initial days you can involve your family members in this business and once you fly off fluently then you can hire one or two boys to do the physical labor for the stick making. 

You will just have to arrange for the raw materials and once you have all the raw materials then you can start with your business all by yourself. Making incense sticks require very few ingredients such as oil, fragrances, sandalwood powder, and various essential oils. 

Home-made Chocolate

Home-made Chocolate

This is one of the best and most widely accepted homemade businesses and you get a lot of opportunities to make various kinds of chocolate of various shapes and sizes. All that you need in a chocolate business are the ingredients and some serious marketing skills are required because there are plenty of such people who make chocolate at home then why should someone buy your chocolate and not theirs. 


Well, here are some of the very easy investment ideas that we could suggest here, but this does not make you draw your line, there is more to it. You can do other such businesses which will help you to start with almost no investment and do something really big. It is absolutely on you that what suits you most, we have helped you to move in a particular direction, but it is your decision where you want to go.

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