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How to Fix High Ping on Windows -10 in 2021

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Ping rate is to send and receive signals through the internet by your system. You can encounter the dreaded high ping if your online games do not respond fast to your instructions or if you do not load web pages. You should know how to fix high ping and make your machine work in order to have a smooth and reactive gaming experience.

Everybody loves to easily download and upload on the internet. However, most people don’t know what Ping is and how to solve it. Your PC is functioning well if your ping is 98m. 

How can you fix high ping?

Ping is a significant element in online gaming. You can’t possibly win your game if your Ping is really high. You can try to lower your Ping in several ways.

How to Fix High ping by solving common router problems

  1. If there is no secure link to your router, the ping on your device will be affected. These measures will illustrate how to solve the problem:
  2. Shift your PC nearer to the router or use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to it.
  3. Switch off other internet-enabled computers.
  4. Start the router again.

How to Fix High Ping by Disable the auto-updates on your windows

High Ping rate can be resolved by disabling Windows Auto-Updates . as you know how much the Internet is needed to update Windows, so to turn off the auto-update option is better.

Here are the steps to disable the auto-update option for Windows.

  • Open Windows setting.
  • Click ‘Security & Update.’
  • See now on the left and see “Window Update.”
  • Go to the “Advanced” option now.
  • Find the ‘Delivery Optimization’ option.
  • Click the “Advanced Option.” again now.
  • You can then disable the updates and also address problems with the bandwidth.

How to Fix High Ping using Task Manager

Windows 10 Task Manager lets you know the most bandwidth-eating applications. You will substantially lower your ping rate by using the task manager to recognize and close these programs that are causing high ping.

  1. Open Task Manager by Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Choose more details to expand the task manager window 
  3. The Task Manager network column displays the use of applications in a downward order. Click the application right and then select End Task to close any overly wide bandwidth applications.

Reset Settings for Windows connections 

Try resetting your Windows 10 network if anything else is not addressed. This way, the software and drivers that dictate how your network link operates will be reinstalled.

A network reset can help solve many problems, like high ping communication. After rebooting, you may have to re-enter your network details, but this could be a challenge.

Check for Internet service provider problems

  • Test your internet connection using a free bandwidth testing app. This will let you know if the bandwidth that you deserve is available. You can contact the provider of the Internet service to fix the problem if you find your internet connection to be inferior.
  • You can also upgrade your bandwidth—different ISPs offer various service levels at various price points. You may also want to think about switching providers. The higher the communication speed, the lower the ping, and the quicker the data can be sent and retrieved from your computer.
  • Connecting your PC to a wired internet could also help because ethernet cables allow better data flow and increase gameplay and lower ping. You should also ensure that no other PCs eat into your bandwidth and reduce the efficiency of your PC.


High Ping problems for you may be more than just a threat. It can also interfere with your online communication and viewing. Not only can you lose links when playing online games. we would recommend that you try these approaches if you do not know how to overcome these problems.

These 5 strategies will help you solve the problems and are best for you. In addition, ensure that you have a reliable device since a bad system can often trigger these problems.

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