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Top 10 Funny Google Tricks That You Can Try

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As we all know Google has answers to all our questions. And the most interesting thing is that Google has so many hidden tricks that you would love. You can apply these tricks and enjoy yourself.  This article is about the top 10 Google tricks that you can try. 

Funny Google Tricks

1. Barrel Roll

This is the most famous and interesting trick to do. What you need to do is just say Google to “Do a Barrel Roll”. And see the magic! It will rotate your Google search page at 360 degrees with flipping twice and then it will come back into its original position. Another way to do a barrel roll is by pressing the Z or R button twice in the search. 

2. Askew

This is another famous trick of Google to do. You just need to do open the Google search and type “Askew” in the search bar. After doing this you will see some difference in your screen. This task will tilt your google search page. 

3. Google Sky

‘Google sky’ is the amazing trick that shows the Google galaxy including space, stars, constellations, moon, etc in the Google sky.

4. Recursion

This is also one of the tricky tricks of Google, which is quite funny for all the IT guys out there. When you search for the “Recursion” it shows all the results related to mathematics and asks that “did you mean recursion?” question repeatedly.

5. Anagram

Another funny trick of google is Anagram. The funniest thing about this is when you search “Anagram” then Google will ask “did you mean Nag A Ram”. So, these are just and only made-up words of the given string.

6. Atari Breakout

Search for the “Atari Breakout” in Google, it will show you blocks of the iconic games where you can play joyfully. 

7. Roll a die

One more hidden trick of google is when you search “Roll a die” it will show the dice for you. When you don’t have a coin then you can use these dice instead.

8. Currency Converter

The currency converter is the amazing and best-hidden feature of google. Search for the currency converter on google and it will convert the currency for you.

9. Thanos

This is the coolest trick and most famous among all the marvel fans out there. Search for the things and you’ll see the strongest character of marvel.

10. Funny Language

Google has the funniest language that is Elmer Fudd, Pirate Google, Hacker Google, etc.

That’s it. Top ten Google tricks. If you can do one or two of these things, you have the rest of the year to learn them. If you can do three or four of these things and put them together into one neat little trick, then you have a complete gag arsenal. So don’t stop. Continue to research new gags on a regular basis.

You will eventually learn how to use each of your weapons. One trick will work with one tool, but it won’t work with another. Some gags are only useful for a specific tool. You’ll figure out which combinations work for you as you do more research.

More about Pranks

Imagine you are doing your daily routine and you happen to walk past a man with a trunk full of money. When you stop by, you ask him what he does with all of his money. He says, “Oh, just walk around asking everyone I see for money”. If you had a Google search for that phrase, you would find many results from different pranksters.

One of these people would be bragging about getting away with a crime. The other would be bragging about being caught. You would probably wonder who is more believable. Would it be the bragging criminal or would it be the criminal who was caught? This is what is called a Google trick and it’s easy to do.

The first thing you have to do is go to Google and enter the term in between quotation marks. If you do not know what the term is, type it in between quotes. Like so: “My favorite trick is that”. You then get the results. Look at the results and see which prank you like the best. Then you have to take five of the results and check out their websites to see if there are any videos of them performing the trick.

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