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Is the TV Buddy Free HDTV Antenna A Scam, Or Is It Legit?

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How do you know if the TV Buddy Scam is real and can get you paid for services rendered or not? It’s a legitimate way to make money online, but there are some scams out there as well. The best way to decide how to go about joining one is to read as much information as you can on it first. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the TV Buddy Scam and all the other pieces of information related to this. 

What is TV Buddy?

TV Buddy is the device that is responsible to stream all the TV shows from the mobile phone to the TV. The main benefit of this product is that you don’t need to spend money on the cable connections for the TV at your home. You can easily transfer the streaming live show from your mobile phone to TV. 

TV Buddy Scam

The TV Buddy Scam has been around for quite some time. It started almost four years ago and since then it has become very popular. One of the things that it has that a lot of people find valuable is the affiliate programs they offer. These are a great source of income because they provide you with the tools you need to make even more money. So is this still a scam?

TV Buddy

The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can definitely make money with this opportunity, but only if you really want to. The real scam is the people who are recruiting others without actually making any. When you are signed up and start receiving offers, you should really be suspicious because most likely you are going to be getting an email that you have not received from them.

After you have checked out those offers and are still suspicious, then you need to check out the website of the TV Buddy Scam. If you see any type of bad grammar or misspellings on the website, you may want to think about getting rid of it right away. This is a sure sign of a scam. Also, look at the email they send you. If it is not legit, then you know it’s probably a scam as well.

Working of TV Buddy

The way that this program works is you sign up under various different categories and then choose packages to fill out. You will also get a buddy or two that are willing to help you sell those items. After you have found a package that you want to sign up for, you simply wait for them to post it and you get paid. Now, this may sound like the perfect job. It is, however, very easy to become discouraged and the guy or gal you are working with can cause you to quit in a heartbeat.

After a couple of weeks or months, you will notice that your checks do not make their way to your wallet as they have said. Then, it becomes even more difficult to get scammed because you won’t know for sure until you send them a couple of bucks and they say they can’t be shipped yet. There are many reasons why you can become discouraged, but the main reason why this scam works is that you let yourself be vulnerable. So, if you ever want to make some quick money, you are better off finding other ways to get paid for answering phone calls. As long as you do a little research and are cautious, you will never have to wonder whether or not this TV Buddy Scam is legit or not.


  • This service is available at an affordable cost. 
  • User friendly
  • You can stream your favorite show easily from the mobile phone to the TV. 
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Also compatible with smart Tv.


  • You must need the HDMI port on your television.
  • Sometimes it is hard to maintain.

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